tv & food junkie

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f21 bodysuit, skirt, sunglasses, hk sweater, michael kors watch & shoes

so last weekend i immersed myself in doing absolutely nothing. it took me days to recover from partying that night I met Cassie and the weather made it a perfect time to lay low. And as I stayed in I watched a whole lot of television- and if you know me you know I HATE watching TV. But I got a lot of action watching true blood, the vampire diaries, a rerun of 90210 season premiere- i also watched last nights episode- i'm so hooked!, melrose place, the vmas, and thats about it- but if you think of it.. that's most probably more in a three month span of tv watching for me! oh and i saw this movie adventureland.. that was fun.

and on top of all this tv hype, i've been on this junk food binge i hope to get out of soon. my motivation to go to the gym has ceased me and all i could think of right now is devouring a mcdonalds happy meal and watching love happens. oh well. this weekend will be fall cleaning for me- and you know what that means... yes.. i will be finally selling clothes on my store very very soon. that is something i've been putting off for too long. ill get my lazy bones to get that together for sure.

anyway, i've worn this bodysuit numerous times but never had the chance to photograph the back. maybe one day i'll have the guts to rock it out like lady gaga sans the bottom half. hmm... well thank you for all your warm emails. xoxo. good night.