ok go!

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topshop skirt, f21 tshirt, boutique 9 shoes, urban headband

tfc- the filipino channel celebrated it's 15th anniversary with a big shabang- one kapamilyago which was a very successful event. people were able to watch famous talents perform and it was neat to be surrounded by so many filipinos and see the food and merchandise vendors of goldilocks, jollibee, and filipino ice cream flavors being served.

anyway, this skirt reminds me of the betsey johnson skirt i wore on my 25th birthday. and this whole outfit reminds me of the outfit i wore on my last night in new york city. and since im on that note, some other reminders to myself:

- umbrellas serve as an excellent contraption not only in the rain but in the sun- thanks bern! :)
- i know sign language but i must learn tagalog asap
- outerlands is not open on mondays- try again.
- get tire changed
- expect 2 packages to arrive this week- my new shoes and the works of my halloween costume
- post clothes to sell on eBay!!!

Hope everyone has a great week! :)