everyday happenings

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i don't have a side table so i guess you can say this piece I got from a hospice thrift store for $20 then changed the glass knobs from anthropologie and repainted pink serves as that purpose. But definitely not a vanity or spot where I apply makeup.. Instead i place a bunch of knick knacks, everyday jewelry, perfumes, and scents- like the anthousa home fragrance in bougainvillea that fills my bedroom. My photos definitely need to be updated, my favorite color is obvious and yes tulips are my favorite flower.

aside from my maverick name necklace that's currently on my neck, these are the jewelry i switch off from day to day which includes my new michael kors gold watch which replaced my gold timex indiglo, my honeycomb ring I love that I got in New York, a few funky rings, my prized rolex with pink oyster pearls, my favorite gold hoops and of course my infamous betsey johnson pearl dangle earrings I seem to sport with anything and everything. There would be a few more things in here that I've lost along traveling or drunken nights like my pearl studs or my mother of pearl ring that I adored.. but that's ok..

lv bag, ferragamo wallet, iphone, MAC makeup, marc jacobs aviators, brighton keychain

and this is what's inside my bag. since the last time i did a purse content post i think i lugged around the world. nowadays, i keep it as simple as possible- just the basics- my pink wallet, my iphone, lipstick, gloss, eyeliner, sunglasses and keys. although i will admit, it does suck when i'd like to fit more things into this bad boy but it definitely helps in keeping out the excess shit you don't use. i for one hate bringing things that i don't need and since i'm usually on the go i think i've mastered the art of packing. plus, when shopping, the light-weight-out of your way- feature comes in hand when sifting through clothes or trying things on. i've had this bag for years and it's been a love/hate thing.