so 3008

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american apparel dress, bakers shoes, zara bag, ray ban sunglasses, f21 beanie

i attended the outside lands music festival at golden gate park and nothing could beat this day with perfect weather, fun company, hot music, and overall a good time.

some highlights...
- the $6 cab ride to the festival from my home
- my spiked philz coffee- i never knew a flask could come so handy
- being 3 feet away from the stage to watch jason mraz & the black eyed peas
- fergie's outfit... omg, i LOVED it- the bodysuit, the shorts, the shoes, the gloves, her hair... ugh! :)
- hahaha and repping 65-0! when the black eyed peas asked the crowd who's from daly city.. lol.. what up ;)

i really enjoyed their performances... i've been a jason mraz fan for so long and this was the first time i've ever seen him live so i was stoked and the black eyed peas i've watched many times and they never disappoint and rocked the house last night!

Oh and i was searching for a picture for fergie's outfit to post and came across this video on youtube which was taken from the exact spot of my viewing and if you watch carefully at 27 seconds you'll see my hand on the right hand side with my thumb ring, my watch, a camera and my other honeycomb ring.. small world. haha.