the night i lost my iphone

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sooooo... saturday nights in new york are nuts. actually any night in the big apple is a guaranteed good time. but this night got a little out of hand :X we had too much fun that i lost my iphone! i was bummed!! especially since i just upgraded my other one a month ago. :( but overall it was a very eventful evening. we started out at The Park in the Chelsea district after discovering that 1 Oak was closed. Took a cab to the Marquee which is a really nice venue but the crowd wasn't really our scene. So we headed back to our favorite area in the Meatpacking District and went to Tenjune- my all time favorite place to party in New York. It's a small quaint club, but they play good music, the people are gorgeous inside, and everyone was having a fun time- people were dancing on the sides of the couches- it was definitely the place to be. :) And after a bunch of kettle redbulls, a limo ride back to our hotel, we enter our hotel room in one piece minus the presence of my iphone. At least it was worth it since I had a blast and the next day we went to 5th Avenue to recover it since the Apple Store there is 24 hours. Sigh.* oh i still love new york!