Warriors Summer League

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sunset sweater, hollister denim shorts, havaianna flip flops, betsey johnson earrings, rolex watch

After puking my brains out and trying to recap the night before, I wake up and find a Pink's Hot Dog bag and an untouched hot dog next to my bed. I was so pissed I passed out before eating it. But I well made up for it this day by consuming so much garbage it's ridiculous.

We got up, had a hungover breakfast at our hotel checked out and headed to Vegas. Mind you the drive here isn't the most entertaining since there isn't much to look at on the road, but the McDonald's definitely kept me occupied and full till we checked into our hotel at the MGM.

Freshened up and headed out to the Cox Pavillion to watch the NBA Summer League games. Wore my city hooded sweater, where I cut up the sleeves, which was actually more fitting since it was 115 degrees outside. And if you don't know who Stephen Curry is, check him out. <3.