i <3 LA

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second hand blazer, f21 shorts, emma & sam top, michael kors shoes

We were supposed to spend the whole weekend in Vegas but instead detoured to Los Angeles headed straight to Venice Beach. This cool area is neighbors to my favorite, Santa Monica but there's a lot of things that make Venice unique. Aside the beach being packed with families building sand castles, people playing frisbee, outdoor gyms, basketball games with DJ's and music, food stands, markets- there is so much going on especially on a hot Saturday afternoon that it made a perfect place to people watch.

We had lunch at Canali Cafe which is hands down the best place to get a tuna melt with sweet potato chips. Passed through Melrose for some sunglasses and got a neat pair from Dita that I adore. I was debating getting the bronze color but with my hair color I couldn't resist going for the gold.

Had dinner at Geisha House on Hollywood Blvd. and ordered my usual dragon roll which was excellent. This restaurant is a fun place to get drinks before to start off the night.

Went to My House which is the coolest club in LA right now. The hostesses uniforms are oh so cute- men's shirt with thigh high black boots. wow.

Then we checked out club Mood before we headed back to our hotel to say hello to my friend who was taking pictures and then got an in n out burger to end the night.

even though i was just here 4 months ago, there's absolutely nothing i don't love about this place.