brooklyn bridge

by Nikki Desuasido in , , ,

h&m dress, seiko watch, imitation balmain sandals, dita sunglasses, lv bag

i got this dress at H&M and love the fit of it. this is my first all black ensemble purchase since i've avoided wearing this color from head to toe for so long since i've outdone it when i was at MAC. for some reason i was really into wearing black and white on this trip, maybe it was that chic vibe i got from New York. but i also got some good use out of these imitation balmain sandals i got earlier this year in february. since you'll do so much walking in new york, flats seem to be an essential so i tried to spare my feet heels for night time only since we were mostly out and about all day. oh and i love love these dita sunglasses, they saved me after my marc jacobs avaitors broke! :(