closet freak

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"Don't get me a diamond, just get me a really big closet..."
- SJP, Sex and the City The Movie

Carrie Bradshaw

Closet space is usually my selling point in a home and most probably the first area in my room I like to decorate or organize because I always want my closet to resemble a store I love, as if I'm shopping in it.

Miley Cyrus

I actually enjoy fixing up my closet. Paint color is a must even if it won't show, I'm a big creature of detail.

Cher Horowitz from Clueless

I'm so used to having a larger closet but if only I had a closet as big as Cher's from the movie Clueless, that would be perfect. However, when we found our place in the city, this was not the case. And so I've learned, you don't need to have a huge walk-in closet to achieve the perfect closet.

Nicole Richie

Because when you're short for space, you figure out how to maximize what you have and be organized so it's easier to find things, making dressing up more pleasant and enjoyable, especially when you're in a rush.

Rebecca Bloomwood in Confessions of a Shopaholic

I for one am guilty of buying numerous multiples of the same thing only because I couldn't locate it only to find it moments later or the next day. And sooner or later things accumulate and start to get piled up. So to avoid having too much of something you don't need- get organized!

Rachel Zoe

That way you're aware of what you already have and can shop smarter. And if there's an overflow of clothes, never underestimate the use of racks, which is what I did until I was able to let go of a lot of excess stuff I've outworn. I swear I feel like I do a toss and keep more often than I'd like but I only keep things I need or will wear.

Nicky Hilton

I think a clean closet is important because it shows that you care and value the clothes you own. Maintaining it is the hardest part, but I feel if you keep your closet tidy, it somehow parallels to your life as well.

Eva Longoria

You can simply figure out the best way to utilize your closet according to your likes and dislikes. Some people love dresses, other's can't get enough of the same coat or jacket or black top, some are huge accessory fanatics or most are often purse whores.

Paula Abdul

For me, I'm a shoe freak and so is she...

Mariah Carey

But no matter what your dream closet may look like, I'm sure this one would make your heart melt.

Mr. Big's gift to Carrie Bradshaw