city living

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photos from Vogue Italia June 2007 and Elle July 2008

Mary Kate Olsen is one of my fashion icons despite disapproval from critics who are not too fond of her"homeless" look. But what I love most about her style is that she can take anything and look good in it. And if you can pull off this mix of bohemian and bourgeois luxuriously and effortlessly, then you've really figured it out.

Anyway, I grew up watching the show Full House where the Olsen Twin's began their career and shared the role of Michelle Tanner. This popular series was set in the city of San Francisco where I now reside again after 2 years, which explains the MIA and the lack of blog entries since I've been so busy moving, organizing, decorating and all.

Now that I'm finally settling in and getting in the groove of things I'm back... :)