lighten up

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 H&M Maroon Faux Leather Jacket, Russell Black ZipUp Hoodie, FCUK Black VNeck Top, HK Shorts, Steve Madden Booties 

i haven't worn all black in the longest time. after wearing this as a uniform for almost 3 years straight, i would lean more towards a different colored ensemble as a preference, but after today, i've missed it.  

and i've always wanted to cut my  hair, hence the purchase of the wig in HK, but I just can't seem to make that commitment, especially since I've seemed to perfect long hair. fortunately, i figured it was still time for a change with my look and decided to lighten my hair since summer will be right around the corner even though the weather lately hasn't proved much of that.. but sunshine did a great job! check her out at aruba salon in mountain view 408.307.3111


anyhow, in spite of the gloomy weather, we ate at The Stinking Rose, one of my favorite restaurant's in the north beach area. You must get the steamed mussels, 40 garlic clove chicken, and the bread with garlic is off the hook.... but beware so will your breath.

And here's the most silliest sign I've seen in awhile..