eating in the sunset

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ok so i've been spending quite some time in the sunset district nowadays and here are some food recommendations for any time in the day with different price ranges if you're in the area.

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Art's Cafe is a very cool "hole in the wall" breakfast spot to eat. Yesterday, I ordered the vegetarian hash brown sandwich which was very good; add the hot sauce and you're in heaven. It can be a bit busy at times since this place is tiny and despite the fact that you won't sit face to face with your company, it makes every reason to have something to enjoy or talk about with the photo's and postcards that make excellent conversation starters. 

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 I ate at Crepevine for the second time this week but got the Pioneer- a turkey sandwich instead of my usual Bodega Bay tuna melt and I think I just discovered my new favorite thing to order here. Got my Tart to Tart chocolate chip cookie with my iced coffee from Starbucks and I'd say that lunch was on point. (o-m-g. i've been to Tart to Tart four times this week already.. sheesh.) 

And for dinner we ate at Gold Mirror, an Itallian restaurant located on Taraval. Not only is the food excellent- the bread is great, salad good, and the lasagna- yummy, but the service and ambiance make you feel like you're in old school Italy. I never knew this classic Itallian gem was here all along and I'd most definitely come back again.