sol food, san rafael

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on our way up north we stopped in san rafael, a cool city in marin that's home to sol food one of my favorite restaurants- TRY IT if you're in the neighborhood. 


step 1: order the bistec 
step 2: apply hot sauce all over
step 3: don't forget the limeade!!!

step 4: enjoy the best puerto rican sandwich/meal ever!

i doubt you can see it in this photo but i finally sported this t-shirt clip i got at a thrift store in Santa Rosa. It's one of those fun kinds from the 80's where it's usually plastic and circular with a bar in the middle used to tighten up an oversized t-shirt similar to this. Anyway, I wore mine with some ripped denim shorts and I dig the retro vibe. I can't wait to do this to all my larger shirts..