go warriors.

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(Veeko jacket, Silence + Noise blouse, Bayo shorts. Kimchee & Blu scarf, Bakers booties)

Where amazing happens didn't happen this year for the Golden State Warriors

But some exciting highlights from this season:
  • Monta Ellis got numerous tasteless tattoos this year. 
  • I received a whole box of FREE Big Macs from McDonalds to last me until April 20th because the Warriors scored over 100 points this night.
  • And Marco Belinelli didn't play much  but is oh so dreamy :) (from the sideline I had a great view of him every time.. lol.)
I'll admit, I joined the bandwagon during the 2007 playoffs as we shocked the world and made it to the playoffs after a 13 year drought. We Believe that was a great season and since then I've lost my interest slowly in the hype, however, hopefully next year with a new design for their uniforms, it will change their luck as well.

Here we beat the New Orleans Hornets, which in my opinion has one of the most eye catching jersey's in the NBA with the pinstripes and all. 

After the game we celebrated the win at Vessel where Andris Biedrins celebrated his birthday and man, this 7 footer is larger in real life!