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by Nikki Desuasido in ,

I'm a chameleon when it comes to color for my hair. I've been blonde- like super pale blonde- not that brassy orange copper kind- although i've been that too, pitch black, the streaks, thin, chunky, peek-a-boo, you name it i've done it- although i would say i haven't done any extreme color like purple pink or blue so i guess maybe not all.

nowadays i've been digging the natural one color no streak look. and this is just me- but i feel more mature and if i do go lighter- blended highlights are more of what i'm all about.

with that said, i used to pay extreme amounts to get my hair done. i used to go this stylist- sunshine in san jose- i LOVE her.. she does great hair. although my love for clothes and shopping has forced me to budget my spending for my hair and so now i go to MOLA- who is just as amazing and is so much closer in burlingame. 

And because I would pay ridiculous amounts of money for my hair, I'm all about maintenance and wanted the blonde to stay pale or the brown not to fade.. so for my shampoo and conditioner- I use Pureology- the purple bottle. 

I love the smell of the conditioner, although I have been commented that it smell's like a grandma and although my scalp is numb to the tingling sensation it once did for me.. i often change it up with Alterna's Caviar.

Never underestimate the wonders of a shine serum. I used the Pureology Shinemax after I get out the shower or if I  want to smooth away any frizziness.. But I've discovered this spray shine by ABBA which smells so good and instantly gives my hair dramatic shine.

If I'm curling my hair- I use an old hot tools 1.5 inch round curler and Bed Head's Hard Head Hairspray. I love this stuff. I always get compliments on how I get my hair to hold my curls.. and I use hairspray. It's light and keeps it bouncy, not too hard yet still moveable. If you're more on a budget I've smelled the Dove hairspray but my habit of using Hard Head has stuck with me for so long.

And here's an interesting tidbit.. I don't own a hairbrush/comb! I never brush my hair.. I own more brushes for my face than i do for my hair. :)

For my body, I just use a bar of dove soap and i'm not a big fan of lotion only bc it interferes with the smell of my perfume and deodorant and that's way too much going on so I like using baby oil gel. This looks great especially in pictures because it makes your legs look real shiny and the moisture stays on real well. 

I only shave my legs and above my knees when it's necessary. lol. I prefer waxing my underarms, eyebrows, lips, and well anything else you can imagine. :) There's a great lady to go to in San Bruno at Da Vi Nails- ask for Nancy, she's the best.

For a manicure & pedicure I go to Modern Nails in Santa Rosa. I know it's a far trek to make it out there but I've also gone to Cindy Pro Nails in San Francisco and they do a good job too- minus the rhinestones :)

And never underestimate the power of what a massage can do for your body :) There are many places that are affordable without all the frills and if I'm local I like going to Calistoga Massage School, again in Santa Rosa. But for a much nicer ambiance in the same area, Coldwater Creek Spa was my go to place during my pregnancy and this place is like an oasis.