destination: los angeles, ca

by Nikki Desuasido in , ,

(mossimo denim jacket, american apparel skirt, schu flat sandals, adidas bowling bag, incase laptop sleeve)

Ok so I thought Hong Kong was the shit when it comes to shopping and then I met Los Angeles- and this is a city that just gets it. The shopping scene is ridiculous and I'm all about road trips.. but why drive when you can fly for only $39 each way? And now that I'm 25, I can finally rent a car because God knows that's necessary in a big city like LA where everything is spread so far apart but traffic can be the biggest annoyance.

I personally prefer Southwest Airlines because they don't charge to check in your luggage which is a nice bonus if you lug extra baggage like we did. And if you have nothing to check in, you can simply print out your boarding pass from home making it all that much more convenient to travel. In 55 minutes you'll be in Los Angeles in no time and traveling has never felt so much easier than this.