crepevine, burlingame

by Nikki Desuasido in , , ,

We ate at The Crepevine Restaurant in Burlingame on another sunny saturday and enjoyed my favorite- a Bodega Bay or simply a tuna melt with a side salad and rosette potatoes . This fun restaurant has a vast menu to offer and a wide branch of locations in the cutest neighborhoods.

After we ate, we passed through the Apple Store and saw Girl Scouts selling cookies- cuuuute! I think I bought a box of every kind just to support their cause. Girl Scouts are more than just a group of girls out to gain badges on their sashes. The activity of selling cookies helps them practice life skills, like goal setting, money management, and teamwork- while having fun! :) 

You should've seen how alive these kids were that you would've bought a box too. The Samoa's are my favorite and made a perfect dessert along with my Iced Coffee from Peets right next door.