valentines day

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(white tank, skirt-xxi, belt- secondhand, shoes- betsey johnson)

instead of sulking for another unnecessary holiday that was created for hallmark and those that needed a specific day to express their love, i chose to join the bandwagon and celebrated valentines day. :)

and although this date can be a nightmare for many singles only reminding them the absence of a romantic relationship in their lives, i figured the relationship i wanted to commemorate was one with myself, mav, and close friends.

which is exactly what i did. i woke up and worked the fuck out. i ate lunch with tomiko and her man at one of my favorite restaurants Thai BBQ in south city- the Pad Thai is off the hook. And just when I thought the rest of  my day would be lonely till the evening, it was filled with tons of company and good laughs. I then headed out for dinner and ate at Naked Fish, a sushi house & lounge in the marina in sf and had a swell time. I ordered a "Nikki Meal" which consists of a dragon roll, miso soup, tea, & ice water- I swear I'm always on the hunt for the best dragon roll and this one is not bad at all.

Valentine's Day is seen as this holiday to make those without one feel depressed for the lack of someone special to celebrate with. But if you look around you'll see that it is not only for lovers but for those like myself to enjoy as well.

"There's hearts all over the world tonight"- Chris Brown

flowers- check
chocolates- check
fun date- check
good dinner & nice company- check
yummy cocktails- check
presents- check
cute boy to cuddle with at night- check

Valentine's Day was definitely a hit ;) 
thanks to my wonderful friends and of course my mavi poo.