umami, sf

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We ate at Umami, another hip sushi house/bar on Webster & Union in the Marina.

Miso Soup & Dragon Roll                                    

 I once again ordered my "Nikki Meal" however what made this fun spot different from all the other places I've eaten at was the drink I ordered- a HELLO KITTY- a watermelon concoction. How fun is that?

Check the menu                                            

hello kitty

We then ordered a cookie dough dessert that's filled with vanilla ice cream that's designed just like a sushi dish.

                                    Cookie Dough Dessert

Who would ever think to find the name Hello Kitty on the receipt at a restaurant? Too cool.

 The strangest thing, I just got my feet done when I was in Rosa, and check the design I got on my toes- a watermelon.. Haha I know cheesy or rather yummy I should say. Either way, my big toe feels like braille with all the black rhinestones that's supposed to be watermelon seeds. Fun, Fun, Fun.

Anyhow, Happy Birthday Joanna! :)