the cure for a hangover

by Nikki Desuasido in , ,


(mango royale salad, carrot coriander soup, baked NZ mussels, baked salmon, paella rice, mango bravo)

after partying in Hong Kong till 4am and a flight to catch for the Philippines at 6am, falling asleep wouldn't be the best idea so i pulled an all nighter and watched the sunrise.

with the flight being only an hour and a half, the deprivation of sleep began to kick in. 

fortunately i was welcomed to a hearty meal at one of my favorite restaurants in the Philippines called Conti's a delicious Filipino fusion cusine that has hands down the best Mango Dessert.

I then got a hot stone massage at Rodeo Spa for dirt cheap.

I was literally passed out by the time my massage started and my jetlag was finally kicking in and so i slept the whole night to catch up from all the travel and lack of rest.

of course I was awake before dawn, but I fell back to sleep by watching an excellent quality bootleg DVD (something you can easily find here) of The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons.