ca$hing in my closet

by Nikki Desuasido in , , ,

all items can be found at the Hello Nikki Store on eBay

The variety of stuff in my closet is uniquely me, however, i chose to keep many articles of clothing long after I could use it. And after a toss & keep fashion show in my bedroom, Tomiko and I managed to clear out any unwanted items that each had a beautiful story and have been dearly loved, but I just needed to part ways or rather clear up room and make space for in my closet. Anyhow, with the stash of clothes i've collected I created a store on eBay where I can auction off these once adored pieces.

Afterall, one mans trash is another man's treasure.

Besides, I wanted my closet to be in harmony with my life right now and i realized i have way too much stuff i don't use that hopefully someone else will treasure.

And make an impact when you shop! I will donate the proceeds to Divine Mercy Eucharistic Society. a non-profit organization, located near San Francisco. Mary's House is a shelter for pregnant women who have no where else to turn and provide a halfway house so women need not choose abortion.

I will regularly sell new items on the store from here on so keep posted :)