Robertson's Blvd

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(Bayo top, Topshop shorts, Mango purse, FCUK wedges)

We had lunch at The Ivy, one of LA's celebrity hotspots, where the paparazzi lines up outside the white picket fence on Robertson's Blvd., a trendy shopping district. I would recommend making reservations in advance as we did and request to sit on the patio as this place gets packed. I wouldn't say I'm dying to go back again but I enjoyed the experience and people watching.

And after we ate, we got an Iced Coffee from the Coffee Bean- which by the way has the best ice- (i love the texture) and we strolled down the street and enjoyed a ton of hip shops like the trendy Kitson, Lisa Kline, and my all time favorite LF Store

Beverly Hills

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(Bayo Top, Topshop shorts, FCUK wedges, Mango purse)

Beverly Hill's is known for it's world class shopping like the renowned Rodeo Drive, Beverly Blvd., and Wilshire Blvd. that boasts famous designers and fine stores. But if you're looking for a one stop spot that has a little bit of everything then the Beverly Center, one of LA's premier retail destinations is the perfect match and carries some of my favorite stores in a mall like Aldo, Bebe, Bloomingdales,The Body ShopFor Love 21, Forever 21, H&M, Heritage 1981, M.A.C., Macys, Sephora, Steve Madden, & Victoria's Secret.

Santa Monica

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 (bikini top & bottom from target)

If there is one place I would live right now, Santa Monica would be it. I love it here. From everything to the beaches, the pier, thrift stores, shopping, restaurants, people... I could  go on and on and rave about all the reasons why I love it.

It is home to Third Street Promenade, my favorite shopping destination in Los Angeles. It's a similar feeling I had when I was on Granville Road in Hong Kong because the moment I set foot on this outdoor pedestrian-oriented shopping district, I literally was in awe how it holds a lot of my favorite stores in one street!

Not only does that make it a breeze to walk through, but the actual stores carried everything I wanted- making my shopping experience that much better. It's the convenience of all the stores you like in one strip like a shopping mall but the outdoor experience and feel of shopping in an open air environment like in downtown, minus the trek to get to point A to B. And to add to this shopper's paradise, the thrift stores that fill around this town make this place heaven.

And there's a ton of restaurants to choose from but my favorite spot is Buddha Belly located right on Broadway at the heart of Santa Monica. It's an eclectic and wholesome Pan-Asian menu that offers one of the best Pad That's I've had and an amazing zucchni dish and garlic fried rice.

Then there's the world famous Santa Monica Pier that offers a variety of entertainment, dining, and shopping experiences including a thrill of rides, a historic carousel, and an interactive aquarium. You can enjoy the performers across the planks of the Pier, watch the best sunsets along the California Coast, or hop down underneath the boardwalk and lay out to catch some sun on the Santa Monica Beach.

destination: los angeles, ca

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(mossimo denim jacket, american apparel skirt, schu flat sandals, adidas bowling bag, incase laptop sleeve)

Ok so I thought Hong Kong was the shit when it comes to shopping and then I met Los Angeles- and this is a city that just gets it. The shopping scene is ridiculous and I'm all about road trips.. but why drive when you can fly for only $39 each way? And now that I'm 25, I can finally rent a car because God knows that's necessary in a big city like LA where everything is spread so far apart but traffic can be the biggest annoyance.

I personally prefer Southwest Airlines because they don't charge to check in your luggage which is a nice bonus if you lug extra baggage like we did. And if you have nothing to check in, you can simply print out your boarding pass from home making it all that much more convenient to travel. In 55 minutes you'll be in Los Angeles in no time and traveling has never felt so much easier than this.

golden gate bridge, sf

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(adidas jacket, bayo jumpsuit, american apparel socks, rollerblade zetra 303 in-line skates,  retro rollerblade bag)

There are many ways to enjoy the Golden Gate and this iconic San Francisco sight can be experienced by merely driving across the bridge. This is something I've frequented to and from my trips to Santa Rosa, however, you can't really appreciate the size and height unless you walk on it- but why walk when you can bike or even better- ROLLERBLADE! At 1.7 miles in length, this is completely doable and on a nice sunny day you can witness the magnitude of this beautiful span and see why it's the most photographed bridge in the world.

And here's a Golden Gate Bridge fun fact: Since many people question why the bridge is anything but golden, the actual paint color of the bridge is International Orange, contrary to the red finish. The term Golden Gate refers to the Golden Gate Strait which is the entrance to the San Francisco Bay from the Pacific Ocean. Learn more about another misconception of how often the bridge is painted , why the bridge toll is now $6, and other interesting tidbits and frequently asked questions here.

I used to love rollerblading as a kid and this by far is a fun spot to glide through and enjoy breathtaking views of the city. 


blueberry nights in sf

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(topshop dress, knee high tights from HK, cathy jean maryjanes)

(Katana-Ya, Vessel, Slide, & Harlot)

We had dinner at Katana- Ya on Geary in Union Square. This place is a busy Japanese restaurant that can feel a bit crowded but this small spot has a cute and a homey feel. It's known for being a famous Ramen House in SF but since I'm always on the hunt for the best dragon roll, that was my order and I will definitely come back next time around to try the noodles. There can be a bit of a wait but I think it's worth it and so is the cold plum sake- I've never had sake chilled before and it's absolutely delicious!  The service is fast, the prices are very reasonable, and it's in a great location downtown that's open late so if you're in the area you should definitely check it out.

There are many clubs, bars and lounges nearby and we started off the night at Vessel, located at Campton Place between Stockton and Grant. We then swung by Slide adjacent to the famous Ruby Skye on Mason and ended our night at Harlot located on Minna where we had a blast. All venues have a nice, trendy, and hip vibe that played Hip Hop/Top 40/Mash ups. It was a fun fun night with the gals in the city and the color of the night seemed to be blue! :)

take a bow

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(bcbg hat, le sportsac backpack, all clothing from HK)

We had a late lunch at Fuzio, a universal bistro, located on Chestnut in the Marina district in San Francisco.

I really love this area and it's just as fun in the day as it is at night to stroll around this neighborhood filled with a ton of shops and restaurants.

I ordered the carrot-ginger soup and a tuna melt with a mixed green salad. This is an excellent meal if you're looking for a hearty soup that has a little kick to it and a panini style tuna melt that tastes extra fresh.

This city is a great destination that I can never get sick of and I always enjoy exploring new places to eat and sights to see. I love San Francisco and everything it has to offer. :)

the cutest mother

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Glamour UK Magazine April 2009

BlackBook Magazine April 2009

ViVi Magazine April 2009

"What Comes Around Goes Around" Fall 2009 collection launch

Speaking of motherhood, here's my favorite fashionable celebrity mother who is pregnant once again. Nicole Richie graced the cover of the April edition of Glamour UK Magazine, BlackBook Magazine, was featured in Vivi Magazine and also showed off her baby bump at Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood for the "What Comes Around Goes Around" fall 2009 collection. 

I love her style and everything about her.. She recently launched her fun jewelry collection, House of Harlow 1960, at Kitson and she is truly one of my favorite fashion icons and inspirations. 


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(forever 21 dress, old black beanie, forlove headband, bcbg shoes)

(bcbg dress, betsey johnson shoes)

vintage pram stroller- a steal i found on craigslist :)

and forget the balmain sandals, drool off this.

i believe you create your own experiences, and with motherhood i've found ways to make it as glam and fabulous in my own life with the help of course from my amazing family.

i'm not out to win a medal or prove to anyone that i could do this on my own, bc to be quite honest with you, i can't. i appreciate the people who help me in numerous ways to make my life comfortable and sane in raising my son and living out my life the way i please. 

but to feed your curiosity, i present to you my maverick.

these photos were taken when maverick was 4 months old by my friend steve in burligame. :)

ask and you shall receive

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all my children

my main squeeze

his outfit is so fun :) check out his tail... 8 months and on his way to walking!

yes, his hat says maverick :) got this made for $1 in the Philippines!!

Wicket & Chloe

(dress topshop, shoes FCUK)

Some things you wouldn't know about me...
  • i love to slurp my foods.. (the milk in my cereal, chocolate milk) and i mean LOUDLY. for some reason i feel it's an action that makes the food taste so much better.. and considering i'm a pretty expressive person, that's definitely one of my favorite ways to enjoy something.. ssssslllluurrrrrrrrpppp!
  • i love to drive fast, windows down, heaters up, music blasted and sing my heart out. lol.
  • i know i talk about ritz crackers a lot.. but it's one of the foods i love that just hits the spot. wheat thins do the job as well.. and pocky.
  • i spend ridiculous amounts of money on magazines and books.
  • leave me at a barnes and noble or borders and i'll be occupied for hours.. 
  • texting with one hand on my iphone fassst is another amazing talent i possess. ha- or maybe it's the asian in me.
  • i like the feeling of paying for something in exact change- maybe it's because i hate putting my money back in my wallet and coins just create a havoc inside my purse.
  • i do not like the feeling of driving behind a slow ass car. ugh.
  • i enjoy mcdonalds even after reading fast food nation and knowing how bad it is for you.. i love it and think my system is immune to the garbage. 
  • i'm a BIG time dog lover. well.. mainly my dogs. I have 2 shiba inu's- Wicket and Chloe who have been such a big part of my life.
  • I may not be the world's best mother (I wasn't really shooting for that role) and yes I might be away for a few days in the month to see the world and even at that go out once a week with my friends at night or enjoy an hour or 2 out in the day to breathe.. but Maverick is my heart and he's always well loved and taken cared of and that's all that should matter to anyone interested in prying with the personal questions.

Umbrella Girl

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(Unit dress, secondhand belt, Franco Sarto espadrilles)

Even though I'm not too big on salt and more of a pepper loving kinda gal, I still adore the Morton Salt Umbrella Girl. I have an old friend who loved salt so much he might as well have used this spout to season his fries.

Anyway, the Morton message is "even in rainy weather [salt] flows freely" and I love this because I find beauty in the resilience people hold in difficult times. Word of advice I've always appreciated is that you can't please everyone so you might as well just please yourself.. and for those I can't this message is for you, I take your words with a grain of salt and shake it off- then get inspired and take a picture :)

On a different note, I always get asked who takes my pictures and most of the daily candids are usually done by my friends with my now upgraded digital panasonic lumix t5 which i'm absolutely in love with. It captures amazing pictures without the flash! 

And for the better shots like these (and most of the ones these past few days) have been taken by my friend since I was 12 years old, Mike Payad, who's such an amazing and talented photographer. Check him out.. he's great and I give credit to him for capturing all the fun photo's you love :)

how kool

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(Voom by Joy Han black dress, Steve Madden Luxe booties, Therapy sunglasses)

i would never in a million years consider myself a video vixen or even ponder the role for the matter, but my long time friend eric nichols was shooting a music video and asked if i could be in it.. so in an effort to support his work i agreed and as i was reading the storyboard and the script i was hesitant as to what i got myself into since.. 1- i don't smoke, 2- i am no where near ghetto, and 3- i don't know how to act sexy. lol.. but viola.. we had fun and the crew was sweet and it was nice to meet all the new people on the set :) 

check out the kool guy radio which airs every tuesday night 10-11pm

and i've gotten a ton of questions about my Maverick name necklace... it's from souljewelrygold 10K "Carrie" style, longer 18in rolo chain with my son's name written on it :)

my balmain versions

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(Vintage Knit Sweater, Nameless Acid Wash Denim Shorts, "Balmain" Flat Sandals, Mango Satchel, Therapy Sunglasses)

I've been dying to wear these Balmain look-a-like gladiator sandals for the longest. I was literally drooling when I saw these shopping on the streets in Hong Kong. And although they were more expensive than the average shoe I was buying, I thought this sure beats the ludicrous price tag the original version carries. I've heard ZARA has an inspired pair and ALDO's has some cute ones that are almost dead on, minus the swarovski crystals of course.. but these flat ones will definitely suffice. And my trip to Santa Rosa came with getting my toes done again and I knew these shoes would look great with a darker shade.. and a teal rhinestone.. sigh* :) 

Here's what they looked like off the runway for Balmain's Spring 2009 RTW collection. I believe Jennifer Connelly wore the green ensemble to the "He's Just Not That Into You" premiere. Anyway, these sandals are amazing and I'm so happy I have a similar version even though they're flat, they make me smile.

photos from

tickled pink

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(American Rag top, Topshop skirt, Arden B belt, Steve Madden Luxe booties)

  • my favorite color is pink :)
  • i've so outworn these shoes but still absolutely love em' as if it was the first day i bought them.
  • this skirt is another purchase i made when i was in the philippines and every time i wear it, it makes me feel like a ballerina.
  • and yes, i'm a big fan of pearl earrings. BIG TIME. i think that might be one of my everyday staples.


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Make a difference when you shop! Donations from my eBay listings go towards the Divine Mercy Eucharistic- Mary's House located in San Pablo, CA. I feel very strongly about this cause because it provides an outlet for pregnant women to turn, give the option as a halfway house so women do not need to choose abortion and helps women get back on their feet after childbirth. This home is run by donations from the proceeds of their volunteer-run thrift shop and because I felt very fortunate during my pregnancy, I relate to the importance of how having the support can make such an impact :)

boudin bakery, sf

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(dress & belt TOPSHOP, wedges FCUK, purse MANGO)

Boudin Bakery is an original San Francisco Company, famous for it's Sourdough French Bread and clam chowder. Being SF's oldest running company, they continue to provide fresh quality food at affordable prices. I think I ate here everyday on my break from work and I highly recommend the "Best of Boudin's" and get a turkey avocado sandwich on a croissant with a side of spring salad- it's an excellent combination.

We went to the flagship location at the Wharf and this place is massive. 
Anyway,  thank you for your comments!  Aside from being a mom, I started my blog at my quarter life making 2009 a year to just take action! I've always had the love to travel and dine out and after being on a hiatus for 9 months I just wanted to continue my dreams of exploring the world and taste everything life has to offer! I review places I love, go to, and offer my experiences with you.

And after the numerous messages on myspace I get about where I got certain clothes or questions about places I went, I decided to showcase everything on a blog. I know most girls hate to say where they got something from, but sharing is caring!

And bc my closet is too small to hold all the contents of everything I consume,  I decided to sell stuff to my friends and I currently sell my clothes that I've loved on my eBay store.

So I'm like a Nikki Survey or what I like- Hello Nikki- in the pursuit of being able to travel then blog and be at home with Mav so it works out well. 

And giving back means such a big thing to me which is why building an awareness on cerain issues plays such a huge part in my blogging.

So thank you all for your inquisitiveness. I do have an amazing family, the best of friends and a beautiful life- I feel truly blessed and I thank God every chance that I get. 

 Always remember, life isn't about what happens to you it's about what you do that makes a difference. Glad you all are getting a kick. ;)  Cheers.


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(ZOA NY white v neck, Folded & Hung red denim skirt, FCUK wedges)

There's something about a red clothing item that just makes an outfit pop. Whether it be shoes, a purse or even a skirt like this one above. And speaking of red I've been seeing those shirts from GAP everywhere suggesting words to- get INSPI(RED), be ADMI(RED), feel EMPOWE(RED), be DESI(RED), ADO(RED), TREASU(RED) or be simply BO(RED). There are many ways you can make a difference when you shop because no matter how much you do, it's in giving where you ultimately feel fulfilled. This (RED) initiative consists of a partner of brands, where every time you purchase a (RED) product or service the company will give up to fifty percent of it's profit to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa. To date, the (RED) idea has generated more than $120 million for the global fund. So when you buy (RED) you save lives, so take action and join the (RED) movement.