Wrap It Up

by Nicole Desuasido

Screen Shot 2012-12-24 at 4.53.10 PM.png

Above are all gifts I think would make excellent Christmas presents. 1.) Blunt Umbrella- These will never collapse or invert in strong winds, making it a very practical purchase. 2.) Jawbone UP Band- I received this as a gift and absolutely love it. You can monitor your activity in the day and look at your quality of sleep at night. Perfect for any health conscious junkie. 3.) Clarisonic- I always here amazing things about this and got it for my mom this xmas. I've never used one before but if it was given to me I'd probably use it then fall in love. 4.) Nespresso U Machine- I got this for my dad at the SF store's grand opening. It's sleek, easy to use and something he can enjoy everyday.  5.) Sunday New York Times- Alex had this on his wish list but any subscription related to your interests will do. 6.) Wings + Horns Robe- I literally live in this and is the one thing that has gotten more wears than any clothing item I own. I have the matching throw blanket, which is basically that without the hood and pockets.  7.) MAC Red Lipstick- My Secret Santa wished for new lipstick colors and MAC has the best shades to choose from. 8.) iPad Mini-- I have an iPad and I have an iPhone but just like the 3 bears, the Mini could feel just right. 9.) Starbucks Gift Cards- I don't know anyone who can't appreciate a gift card from here. There's one on every corner and isn't limited to coffee only. 10.) If all else fails, try making a Blurb book or baking Banana Bread from Trader Joes.

Dressed for Comfort

by Nicole Desuasido


Converse shoes, LF jeans, American Apparel tank, H&M Jacket, Zara scarf

This is a quick default outfit I usually throw on when I'm in a hurry and know I'll be running around outside in the cold. I've been trying to get in the habit more of posting my "outfit of the day" on Instagram and so far that's been going pretty well. Occasionally, I'll be a day late or so but I'm proud that I've been committed. I'm excited for all the upcoming holiday festivities, including my birthday and already have my wardrobe queued up. I'll be celebrating the last year in my twenties in Vegas and can't wait since it's a destination that's way overdue for me. I've never been there during the NYE weekend so it will be such a fun experience to end 2012 with a bang .

My Boyfriend Sweater

by Nicole Desuasido

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photo 7.jpg
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photo 6.jpg

VINCE sweater, Aritzia leggings, Enzo Angiolini boots

I grabbed this sweater out of pure laziness so I didn't have to go all the way back upstairs (one measly flight) to grab my jacket. It was just laying around in the kitchen and Alex let me borrow it since we were rushing to catch a movie. The funny thing is, I wasn't expecting it to actually look nice on me but I received so many compliments that day that it's now officially mine. It's as cozy as it looks and the color is my favorite. Plus, anything with elbow patches is just awesome and I gave him full credit when people asked.  I'm pretty lucky my boyfriend is skinny like a stick so I'm able to raid his closet for things like that. But when it comes to legs, I will never be able to fit those "boyfriend jeans". I'm 5'1'' and just can't mess with someone who is 6'5''.